West Metal

West Metal Entertainment Society is a not for profit society and is registered with the government of Canada. The purpose of the society is to provide places for musicians to perform on a entry or lower level, and to give them opportunities to preform with larger name acts.

West Metal Entertainment Society’s largest annual event is Armstrong MetalFest. Held annually, on the third weekend in July, at the IPE grounds and Hassen Arena in Armstrong BC.

Along with MetalFest, West Metal Entertainment hosts several smaller concerts and fundraisers throughout the year. Most of these events are held in the North and Central Okanagan region of British Columbia.

There is a misconception Not for profit means free. Unfortunately this is not true. Not-for profit simply means there is no profit made by West Metal Entertainment Society. There are operating costs such as hall rentals and PA rentals to name a few. The Society collects funds through fundraisers and concerts to pay these bills, and can keep funds for operating costs on hand. Anything over this is donated to charities or other not-for Profit organizations.

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The Staff of West Metal Entertainment Society is entirely volunteer and is made up of twelve members.

Mike Rogers
Chad Higgins
Vice President
Jesse Valstar
Heather Lemon
Andrew Kutzner
Volunteer Coordinator
Bretton Melanson
Allison Hayley Anne
Concerts and Media
Marlow Deiter
Band Coordinator
James Brachmann
Sound Engineer
Sean Langlands
Matt Ruckus
Graphics and Design
Kate Kutzner
Volunteer Coordinator