Q – When is the festival?
The festival is from July 14th and 15th 2017.

Q – How early can I arrive/when do I have to leave?
Campers can begin setting up 8 am on the 14th and are welcome until noon on 16th.

Q – How old do I have to be to attend?
Armstrong MetalFest is an all ages event. However, if you are 16 or younger you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Q – How much are Tickets?
A limited quantity of presale tickets are available at $90 a ticket until February 28st (Online Only). Presale tickets will be available online for $120 and physical ticket locations will be announced. Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $160. Weekend Pass tickets include a 2 day pass and camping. Children nine and under get in free.

Q – Can I buy a day pass?
Absolutely. Day passes are available at the gate for $70 per day and do not include camping. Camping is an additional $20 per night for day pass holders.

Q – Do you ship tickets and merch internationally?
We sure do. Shipping prices vary depending on location.

Q – Why is Armstrong Metalfest indoors?
Finding a suitable area to host a heavy metal festival and campers was no easy task. The Hassen Arena has graciously allowed us to use their facilities and grounds, which has allowed us to offer
camping and amenities to a larger number of people than was possible at our old location. Armstrong MetalFest is planned to be held outdoors again in the future.

Q – How much does camping cost?
Camping is included in the price of a weekend pass or will be an additional $20 for day pass holders.

Q – Will there be a family camping area?
Yes, there is a “family camping area” called Atlantis and is suitable for campers that would prefer a more peaceful experience.

Q – Where do I go to the bathroom?
There are 2 separate bathroom facilities that may be used, both in the arena and camping area. Bathrooms include stalls as well as showers.

Q – Whats your policy on Alcohol?
There is no outside alcohol allowed inside the venue.

Q – My ID was lost/stolen during the festival, and I want in the beer gardens. I was in the gardens yesterday!
Proper ID must be shown every time you enter the gardens. We cannot let you in without it, even if we recognize you from earlier.

Q – Whats your Policy on Smoking?
There is to be no Smoking or vapeing inside the Venue or fifteen feet from any entrance or exit – in compliance with provincial law.

Q – Can I have a campfire?
The Interior Provincial Exhibition grounds do not allowed open flame. No campfires allowed.

Q – Can I bring a BBQ?
BBQ can be used as long as its operated on top of gravel or a paved surface.

Q – Can I bring glass bottles?
Please do not bring glass bottles. Glass bottles are a safety hazard for everyone because if they break the broken glass can never fully be cleaned up.

Q – Will there be security?
Security will be on site 24/7. Armstrong MetalFest hires security officers who are fully certified with their BST. Both male and female officers will patrolling the grounds and will be eager to help if any issues should arise.

Q – Will there be medics?
Medical professionals will be present during the daytime, up until the campsite settles down, to help with injuries and the general welfare of participants.

Q – Are there nearby gas stations/restaurants/grocery stores etc?
Yes! There is a wide variety of shops and restaurants within five minutes of the Hassen Arena. Everything you need is just a quick walk away.

Q – Can I take photos?
Absolutely. Try to be respectful when taking photos as professional photographers have the right of way, please if asked give them the space they need. Any images posted online may be used for promotional purposes by Armstrong Metalfest.

Q – Can I bring my dog/cat/fish etc?
No pets of any kind are allowed on the grounds. We know this can be inconvenient but it is for the safety of our guests as well as your pet.

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